TeamTTMD Weekly Recap

TeamTTMD was well represented in Chris Wilburn’s DMVAT Event #6 at Center Pocket in Bowie, MD.

We are proud of our players for stepping into the box for this non-handicapped tournament. Thank you, Lenny Vally, Michael Bumpass, and Nick Spriggs.

Nick Spriggs – Grinds Through B Side to Split the DMVAT.

Justin Mast, Nick Spriggs, Pampi Pamplona

TTMD Sponsored Player Nick Spriggs was on a mission!

Nick Lost his first match to Harshit Kedia four games to seven before going on a blistering eight-match win streak, beating some intense competition. First on his list was our very own Lenny Valley, then on to David Sund, David Zecena, Shawn Jackson, and Rick Miller.

Not finished yet, TTMD Player Michael Bumpass was next to meet up with “The Kid,” who gave no quarter, taking the win, six games to three. Followed by wins over Jim Davis and Justin Mast.

Ultimately, both players, Nick and Pampi Pamplona, decided to split the cash.

B& L – Father’s Day Open Handicapped Fargo 9 Ball

Brian Kilgore and Lai Li were busy hosting their Father’s Day Open at Center Pocket.

We had several TeamTTMD players giving it their all. Thank you to Jon Mundock, Karen Mundock, Steve Johnson, and Lucas Kilgore.

Congratulations TTMD Junior Lucas Kilgore, who left it all on the table with five straight wins, downing teammate Steve Johnson along the way, taking home fifth/sixth place.

Lucas Kilgore

Talking with Jon Mundock, he is feeling good about how he played and is looking forward to the next tournament.

Friday Night 9-Ball Tournament at Brews and Cues

Congratulations to TTMD Junior Joshua Mohammed on his 5th/6th finish.

Joshua continues to improve his game, competing against the list of strong players that can be found any Friday night at Brews.

We are extremely proud of our team for all they do to represent the sport.

TTMD Billiards Streaming was well represented

TTMD Players out shooting all weekend long!

It was a busy pool weekend for the area. There were a variety of money tournaments and league tournaments going on all over the DMV area, especially in Maryland. Team TTMD had players from all over competing.

TTMD Player Steve Johnson

For some of us, the weekend started on Friday night. Wayne Everhart and I were on-site at Triple Nine’s running the JPNEWT first ever Chip Tournament. It was a blast! It went very quickly. We cannot wait to do another one. Also, TTMD player Steve Johnson was out shooting in a tournament at Milford Billiards. Congratulations on your 3-way split of 1st place Steve!

Like most Saturdays’ a lot of pool was happening, everywhere. TTMD players Sarah Ivins and David Mason shot a 9-ball team event at Bankshots Bar and Grill in Laurel, MD. Dylan Sphor and partner Thomas Haas were shooting in a doubles tournament in Waynesboro, Pa. Congratulations on your 2nd place finish guys! Brandon Stidham was shooting in the APA MVP tournament at Center Pockets. Dotti and Fred Prietz were shooting in a JNT doubles tournament at Brews and Cues, while Jon Mundock, Lucas Kilgore and Brian Kilgore were all playing in the JNT Short Rack at Brews. Steve Johnson was shooting in a 9-ball tournament in Delaware. KTWO was shooting in DC APA Singles Regionals for both 8 and 9 Ball. Congratulations KTWO for winning your 8-ball bracket. You are going to Vegas!!! Side Note: KANKAN (KTWO) was playing in both the 8 and 9 ball APA regional tournaments at the same exact time. It was an absolute grind for her all day long. In the end, she won the 8-ball bracket but lost the 9-ball bracket by 1 ball in the finals! We are so proud of you KTWO! Way to grind it out!

TTMD Ambassador KTWO

TTMD Billiard Streaming onsite at JPNEWT Stop #1 (DAY 1)

Saturday was a very busy day for the streaming team of TTMD. We were up early and back at it, on-site to bring live professional coverage of JPNEWT Tour stop #1 at Triple Nines in Elkridge, Maryland. Like most tournaments there were some hiccups and delays, however, we persevered!! It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Lai Li and Judie Wilson. You ladies rock! Thank you so much for helping me set up those brackets and get the tournament rolling! It was a bit overwhelming!

Wayne was doing his thing, and soon everything was set up for “The Voice” George Hammerbacher to kick things off.

Representing Team TTMD at the JPNEWT Saturday Semi-Pro event were, Karen Mundock, Lindsay Carroll, Lai Li, TTMD Stream Sponsor Gina Cunningham, and of course, I played too. Also, repping TTMD was Kimberly Smith-Martin!! It was so awesome to see Kim in her TTMD gear this weekend! We are proud of all of you for competing and we hope you attend more JPNEWT events in the future.

Michelle Brigerman

Shout out and an extra special thank you to TTMD Ambassador, Michele Brigerman. Not many of you know but Michele has been with TTMD since day one. She is my go-to person for everything!! Well, Saturday Michele showed up to check on Wayne and me, like she always does, and within 2 minutes of her arrival, I had her working! I was in the middle of a match and ran up to her, threw a camera in her hand, and said please take pictures! For the next 2 hours, she took pictures of all the ladies playing in the event. So, most of the pictures featured in this blog were taken by my bestie, Michele Brigerman. Thank you so much, sweetie!

Jon Mundock was also on-site at Triple Nine’s playing in their weekly Saturday night tournament, directed by The Hammer. Congratulations on your 2nd place finish Jon! If you looking for something to do on a Saturday night you should check out this tournament!

Stay tuned for the blog covering this past Sunday’s action, as there was just too much to jam into one post. 🙂

Thank you all for representing Team TTMD. Wayne and I are so lucky to have such an amazing, hardworking, helpful, and dedicated team.

Welcome – Steve Johnson

Please join us in welcoming Steve Johnson to Team TTMD Billiards Streaming.

Steve Johnson Representing Baltimore City Cues – Photo Courtesy of Josh Parks Photography

If you are familiar with the VA, MD, PA tournament circuit you have probably met Steve, an approachable and friendly guy that is happy to share laughs as well as talk pool.

There is no doubt that Steve will be a valued member, sharing his knowledge and supporting the team.

We are looking forward to the new year. Welcome aboard!

TeamTTMD at Winchester Action Billiards

Congratulations to (SP) Jr Hepner, placing 2nd and (SP) Tiffany Lear, 5/6th.

Thank you to Winchester Action Billiards and (SP) Derek Crothers for a fantastic 9 Ball tournament.

This past weekend TeamTTMD members, (SP) Kelly Daniel, (SP) Wayne Everhart, (SP) Tiffany Lear, and (SP) Jr Hepner and (VIP) Hector Pantoja were together competing in a Derek Crothers’ “6 and under” handicapped 9 Ball tournament.

The quotes around the “6 and under”, is because this is not what you may think. Derek uses his own rating system based on known ability and has a scale of up to 12. Many APA Skill level 9s would be equivalent to Derek’s skill level 6s.

The tournament was played on Brunswick Gold Crown tables that played true and were in good condition.

Kelly Daniel and I had a great time meeting new friends and competing in a new venue. The hospitality and friendliness that everyone showed was appreciated and made us feel welcomed. She and I hope to do better our next time out.

Jr Hepner took home second place and looked pretty comfortable at the table all day. Jr is a strong player and has been working hard on his game. There is no doubt he will be at the top of the podium in many events this year. Jr often offers to help out and has been a great spokesperson for TTMD Billiards Streaming in the Front Royal/Winchester area. We appreciate everything he does for the team and the sport.

(SP) Jr Hepner 2nd Place Finish, Winchester Action Billiards 6 and Under Tournament

Our Junior Tiffany Lear is playing some really solid pool finishing 5/6th. When she and I crossed paths on the B side– she played flawlessly running out when given a chance and making shots that would give a seasoned player pause. When watching her matches this weekend, her safety play was stellar; often locking opponents between a ball and the cushion, with little to no option for a return safe or even a legal hit. Tiffany is a delight to be around — off the table, she is getting excellent grades, with COVID home/remote schooling, which is not an easy task. We are proud of Tiffany and how she represents herself, the sport, and TeamTTMD. Congratulations on a strong showing.

Here are a few photos from Winchester Action Billiards.