Welcome Lindsey Gyulai

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to welcome Lindsey to TeamTTMD.

Lindsey is passionate about the sport and can be found competing in leagues 4 times a week. We are looking forward to following her in the Billiard Beauty tour and have little doubt she will be making a run for the title.

About Lindsey

My name is Lindsey Gyulai (July) like the month.

I live in Whitehall, PA, and was born and raised in Nazareth, PA.

I’ve been shooting pool since I was 12 and started playing competitively in 2017 when I got out of the military.

A skill level 6 in both 8 and 9, I shoot APA 8/9 ball out of Sharky’s billiard and lounge in Palmerton, PA, for the MCAPA’s Doc Holtzman. I also shoot TAP out of West Catty in Whitehall, PA, where I am a skill level 5.

-Lindsey Gyulai

Some of my achievements

  • 2020- Vegas for Ladies APA 8 ball 2021
  • MVP for APA 8 ball SL 6-Winner 2022
  • MVP for APA 8 ball SL 6 TAP titleholder competitor several times
  • Several 9-12th place finishes in higher level tournaments.
  • Nick Lorah and I recently came in 2nd place in a Jack and Jill Doubles event.

Welcome to TeamTTMD – Mike Ettl

The TTMD Billiards Streaming team is expanding to the South Shore of Long Island.

We are excited to announce that Mike Ettl from Shirley, New York, has joined the team. Mike is one heck of a competitor and can often be found at some of the region’s top events.

  • 2011 Tri-state Tour – Winner
  • 2012 Tri-state Grand Champion – Runner-up
  • 2014 Oakdale Billiards Super Tournament – Champion
  • 2014 Felt Billiards Super Tournament -Champion
  • 3x Goodfellas Bar Box 9-Ball – Champion
  • 3x VIP Big Table 9-Ball Champion
  • 2018 8-Ball APA MVP Tournament, Skill Level 7 – Runner-up
  • 2022 TAP Skill Level 6, 9 -ball – MVP
  • 3x Suffolk County APA Masters Team -Vegas

In just a few minutes of hanging around with Mike, you can feel the energy he brings to the room.

Not only does he keep the laughs rolling, but he is also a student of the game and quick to share his thoughts.

We aim to unite like-minded pool players, mentor one another, and positively grow the sport.


Miranda Gunkle Joins TeamTTMD

Welcome To The Team

We are excited to announce that Miranda has joined our team. This young lady has been putting in the time and effort to improve her game. We do not doubt that she will represent the sport and TTMD Billiards Streaming with class and determination.

Photos by Dylan Spohr

Player Bio

I’m 24 years old and live in Whitehall PA.

I picked up a pool stick for the very first time in August 2021.

Then I met my amazing girlfriend at my very first pool tournament at the Tamaqua Elks. I now play on 4 different teams,1 Tap and 3 APA. I play Tap 8 ball out of West Catty, APA 8 & 9 ball out of Sharkys in Palmerton, and APA Ladies 8 ball out of Sharkys as well.

On top of playing pool 3-4 times a week, I am a single mom of a crazy, loving 4 year old boy named Lyam, I work full time as a medical assistant, and I just started going back to college to get my nursing degree. I am so thankful to have my amazing girlfriend, Lindsey by my side, to support me and keep pushing me through it all, even on days I am exhausted and want to give up. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I am excited to be a part of the TTMD family and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me! #PoolLife

-Miranda Gunkle

TeamTTMD Weekly Recap

TeamTTMD was well represented in Chris Wilburn’s DMVAT Event #6 at Center Pocket in Bowie, MD.

We are proud of our players for stepping into the box for this non-handicapped tournament. Thank you, Lenny Vally, Michael Bumpass, and Nick Spriggs.

Nick Spriggs – Grinds Through B Side to Split the DMVAT.

Justin Mast, Nick Spriggs, Pampi Pamplona

TTMD Sponsored Player Nick Spriggs was on a mission!

Nick Lost his first match to Harshit Kedia four games to seven before going on a blistering eight-match win streak, beating some intense competition. First on his list was our very own Lenny Valley, then on to David Sund, David Zecena, Shawn Jackson, and Rick Miller.

Not finished yet, TTMD Player Michael Bumpass was next to meet up with “The Kid,” who gave no quarter, taking the win, six games to three. Followed by wins over Jim Davis and Justin Mast.

Ultimately, both players, Nick and Pampi Pamplona, decided to split the cash.

B& L – Father’s Day Open Handicapped Fargo 9 Ball

Brian Kilgore and Lai Li were busy hosting their Father’s Day Open at Center Pocket.

We had several TeamTTMD players giving it their all. Thank you to Jon Mundock, Karen Mundock, Steve Johnson, and Lucas Kilgore.

Congratulations TTMD Junior Lucas Kilgore, who left it all on the table with five straight wins, downing teammate Steve Johnson along the way, taking home fifth/sixth place.

Lucas Kilgore

Talking with Jon Mundock, he is feeling good about how he played and is looking forward to the next tournament.

Friday Night 9-Ball Tournament at Brews and Cues

Congratulations to TTMD Junior Joshua Mohammed on his 5th/6th finish.

Joshua continues to improve his game, competing against the list of strong players that can be found any Friday night at Brews.

We are extremely proud of our team for all they do to represent the sport.

Junior Player – Lucas Kilgore

Joins TeamTTMDT

A huge TTMD Welcome to Lucas Kilgore!! We are thrilled to announce Lucas as a member of our player development program and a sponsored junior of TeamTTMD.

2021 was Lucas’s First competitive year of Pool.

He began the year with 186 Fargo, and with hard work grinding on the tournament scene, Lucas has elevated his game and Fargo to a 429.


  • 5/15 3rd Place Doubles with Dad In the JNT
  • 5/23 1st Place Doubles with Dad in the JNT
  • 5/30 5/6th Place in Doubles with Russ Redhead in the JNT
  • 8/9 3rd Place in Doubles with Josh Mohammed IN B&L
  • 8/28 2nd Place Loss to John Moody Sr at Choptank Billiards 40 man Singles
  • 10/4 2nd Place Loss to Adam Greene in B&L 45-man Singles
  • 11/8 1st Place Doubles with Russ Redhead in B&L Doubles
  • 11/15 5/6 Place In B&L 50-man Singles

We are extremely proud of him and looking forward to sharing his journey with our pool family.

The word on the street is can swing the golf clubs too.