TTMD – 3rd Anniversary, 3-Person 8-Ball Championship – Results

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to thank all who attended and made the event possible. A special thank you to The New Green Room Billiards and their staff.

We want to send shout-outs to many people; another post will follow. In the meantime, we wanted to share the results.

Top Finishers

Congratulations to the following teams for placing in the cash this past weekend.

1st Place

Team Gunkle

2nd Place

Team Johnson

3rd Place

Team Long

4th Place

Team Loller

5-6th Place

Team Schanberger

5-6th Place

Team Phillips

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Miguel Tufano Joins Team TTMD

We would like to welcome Miguel to our team.

Miguel has been on the tournament scene pretty heavily for the past few years and is always taking time to talk about the sport and support other players.

When not competing, we often find him in the crowd, following his friends and offering uplifting words of encouragement. This is what our team is all about! Supporting one another and sharing knowledge.

I think I can speak for the team when I say– we are thrilled to have him as a part of our pool family.

Miguel Tufano – Ephrata, PA. Jack and Jill Scotch Doubles 8-Ball

About Miguel

I started playing on a 9′ table at knee high, with mom’s step stool. Then into my teenage years found VIP Billiards and Blue Jays Pool Hall in Ellicott City, MD.

I’ve now been playing close to 35 year’s in the sport I love.

Currently I spend lots of time trainging, refining my game and growing as a player.


Tournament finishes First 🥇 (63) Second 🥈 (32) Third 🥉 (19) Fourth (9) Fifth (13) Top (10) 201

-Miguel Tufano

We look forward to growing as a team with Miguel. Sharing his enthusiasm for the players and passion for the sport.

Thank you, Miguel, for all you do!

Welcome Lindsey Gyulai

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to welcome Lindsey to TeamTTMD.

Lindsey is passionate about the sport and can be found competing in leagues 4 times a week. We are looking forward to following her in the Billiard Beauty tour and have little doubt she will be making a run for the title.

About Lindsey

My name is Lindsey Gyulai (July) like the month.

I live in Whitehall, PA, and was born and raised in Nazareth, PA.

I’ve been shooting pool since I was 12 and started playing competitively in 2017 when I got out of the military.

A skill level 6 in both 8 and 9, I shoot APA 8/9 ball out of Sharky’s billiard and lounge in Palmerton, PA, for the MCAPA’s Doc Holtzman. I also shoot TAP out of West Catty in Whitehall, PA, where I am a skill level 5.

-Lindsey Gyulai

Some of my achievements

  • 2020- Vegas for Ladies APA 8 ball 2021
  • MVP for APA 8 ball SL 6-Winner 2022
  • MVP for APA 8 ball SL 6 TAP titleholder competitor several times
  • Several 9-12th place finishes in higher level tournaments.
  • Nick Lorah and I recently came in 2nd place in a Jack and Jill Doubles event.

Welcome to TeamTTMD – Mike Ettl

The TTMD Billiards Streaming team is expanding to the South Shore of Long Island.

We are excited to announce that Mike Ettl from Shirley, New York, has joined the team. Mike is one heck of a competitor and can often be found at some of the region’s top events.

  • 2011 Tri-state Tour – Winner
  • 2012 Tri-state Grand Champion – Runner-up
  • 2014 Oakdale Billiards Super Tournament – Champion
  • 2014 Felt Billiards Super Tournament -Champion
  • 3x Goodfellas Bar Box 9-Ball – Champion
  • 3x VIP Big Table 9-Ball Champion
  • 2018 8-Ball APA MVP Tournament, Skill Level 7 – Runner-up
  • 2022 TAP Skill Level 6, 9 -ball – MVP
  • 3x Suffolk County APA Masters Team -Vegas

In just a few minutes of hanging around with Mike, you can feel the energy he brings to the room.

Not only does he keep the laughs rolling, but he is also a student of the game and quick to share his thoughts.

We aim to unite like-minded pool players, mentor one another, and positively grow the sport.