N’ The Zone Named Official Gear of TTMD Billiards Streaming

We would like to thank Jemal Elmore of N’ The Zone for his help in creating our new TTMD Team Jerseys. If you like our team gear, stay tuned! We will be releasing a new line– available only for purchase through our team website.

Official Team TTMD Billiards Streaming Gear by N’ The Zone
Official Team TTMD Billiards Streaming Gear by N’ The Zone

We are excited about 2022– we have lots of exciting announcements and events on the horizon. Check our website and Facebook page for dates and new releases.

Congratulations Dylan Spohr

2021 Maryland State 8-Ball Bar Box Champion

#TeamTTMD would like to congratulate, Dylan Spohr on his successful run to the championship title.

(SP) Dylan Spohr

This past weekend saw the best players in the area getting together to compete to see who would be the titleholder of the 2021 Maryland State 8-Ball Bar Box Championship.

During warm-up, Dylan stopped over to chat and offer some advice on my stroke, this is the kind of guy Dylan is and we are thankful to have him as a member of our team. After hitting a few balls he said: “see doesn’t that feel better”, in fact– it did and I took the advice and have been using it since.

In between matches Rick Scarlato Jr., Tournament Director, Promoter at On The Hill Productions, and host of the Maryland State Tournaments, motioned for me to join Dylan in the streaming booth, which was a pleasure to do. Dylan is very comfortable commentating and is a natural at “seeing” the table. We are looking forward to his talent and eye for the sport, supporting our upcoming TTMD Tournaments.

Although my tournament was over, I had a chance to watch our teammates compete. Thank you to Dave Mason for his solid effort and to Sarah Ivans for supporting the team. It is a great feeling to see our teammates out supporting one another.

Dylan’s road to the championship

  • (W) Steve Johnson
  • (W) Jeff Ball
  • (W) Steve Fleming
  • (W) Kyle Dilly
  • (W) Bryan Jones
  • (W) Jimmy Varias
  • (L) Jimmy Varias (Final 1st set)
  • (W) Jimmy Varias(Final 2nd set)
Dylan Spohr and Jimmy Varias

Of note, Jimmy had a very strong 1st set in the final needing to double-dip Dylan. Jimmy broke and ran multiple times while also running out on several of Dylan’s dry breaks. Leaving Dylan barely a sniff at the table the entire first set. Dylan true to form– stayed focussed and had a very strong second set to take the title.

The players enjoyed excellent equipment, superb food, and comradery with our #PoolFamily, while our friends at home enjoyed a top-notch stream watching their favorite local players.

Thank you to On The Hill Productions and Brews & Cues On The Blvd for all they do to help promote and grow the sport.

Check out the coverage from this past weekend here.

Dylan Spohr joins TTMD Billiards Streaming

Please give Dylan Spohr a warm welcome. Dylan has joined our team and will certainly be a valued member.

Dylan works hard on his game and is always willing to share his knowledge. This young man is wise beyond his years on the pool table and is getting better each time out.

Speaking with Dylan, he aspires to represent the USA in the biggest events, always being mindful to show the sport the respect it deserves, competing with class and dignity.

He has been inspired by one of his favorite players Eferin Reyes, and says, “There was nothing he couldn’t do on a pool table, and that he was always respectful to everyone around him.”

Dylan is a former 2-time NAPA National winner with a runner up in 2 state titles as well now as his latest little, the JNT, Old Line Classic 9-Ball Championship.

Dylan Spohr 2021 9 Ball Champion, 2ND ANNUAL OLD LINE STATE BAR BOX CLASSIC
Nicole Nester and Dylan Spohr, JNT 2ND ANNUAL OLD LINE STATE BAR BOX CLASSIC 7th/8th Scotch Doubles 9-Ball

We are looking forward to watching Dylan compete as well as sharing his perspective from the booth. Dylan is no stranger to offering commentary when given the opportunity.

Thank you Dylan for joining TeamTTMD. We are looking forward to sharing in your journey.

Edward Arciniega Joins TeamTTMD

Please welcome our first west coast sponsored player, Edward Arciniega. Eddie hails from San Deigo, CA, and is involved with almost every Big Money Billiards event.

His hard work and determination have been paying off, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to join him on his journey.

TTMD Billiards Streaming was in Las Vegas, during the APA 2019 singles finals in which we had the opportunity to share the experience with his family and friends. Eddie played some stellar pool and took home first prize in the Gray Tier.

Edward Arciniega, Gray Tier Champion 2019

Edward recently achieved the skill level of 7 in 8 Ball for the APA and we are certain that this is just the beginning of a promising future.

Big Money Billiards and TTMD Billiards Streaming Sponsored Player, Edward Arciniega

We will be sending Eddie some fresh TTMD Billiards Streaming Gear– keep an eye out for that.

Eddie and his team at Big Money Billiards have been working hard on their tournament streaming. Stay tuned for streams from our west coast partners.

Thank you Eddie for all you do to help grow the sport, always representing with class and determination. #TeamTTMD

Thank you from TTMD Billiards Streaming

It has been a little while since our last post, however, that does not mean we have not noticed our pool family out there representing. As many of you are aware TTMD Billiards Streaming– is a service provided by THINKTECHMD a technology services company. Often our focus needs to be shifted between projects on the technology side which can sometimes result in some lag on the blog.

Thank you to all of our friends for your love and support.

Here are a few photos we’d like to share from the latest events.