Team Rules and Requirements

  1. If you are playing in any major event, especially one that we have entered you in, we require that you remain sober and respectful.  Your posts on social media should refrain from profanity, drug content, pictures of the alcohol that you are consuming, etc. 
  2. Pool is a community.  At no time are you to engage in arguments with other teams, companies, etc., over topics of bashing anyone’s logo, brand, products, tournaments or directors, leagues etc.  It is our mission to support all members of the pool community and support its growth. 
  3. We have a zero-tolerance capacity for any of our members to criticize anyone else over politics, race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual preferences.   We encourage our players to go above and beyond with being an ambassador to the sport and the brand which includes respecting all talent levels.
  4. We encourage you to make it your personal mission to grow and expand your talents as well as try to make a new connection at every event.  Not for business purposes but for your own personal growth. Our goal is for you to have a great time playing the game you love. 
  5. You may be requested to assist in the commentator’s booth, to take pics of players or matches for social media, or small interviews with players on a fun social level. Examples of interview questions might be, “what’s in the case?” “what’s your favorite game?” “what’s your favorite shot?”, “where’s your favorite place to play?” etc.
  6. Acquirement of any additional sponsorship would need to be agreed upon between TTMD and the player prior to the player taking on new sponsorship.  It is not our intent to limit your sponsorship with others but to verify that there is not any conflict of interest in the brands or services.
  7. Vandalizing or disrespecting any establishment or its members is prohibited.  This goes the same as damaging your own equipment out of frustration.  Violation of these rules may result in removal from the team.