Player Development Program

Thank you for your interest in the TTMD Billiards Streaming Player Development Program.

Our goal is to promote the sport in a completely positive and supportive manner for all. We are strict on etiquette, sportsmanship, and professionalismWe require that these values be reflected in the behavior of the candidate and our team members.

Team Structure

Every team member signs an agreement that outlines the requirements to be part of the TTMD Billiards Streaming team.


Ambassadors are trusted teammates that have earned their position as core decision-makers of the TTMD Billiards Streaming Service. These members are often assigned tasks related to upcoming tournaments, marketing campaigns, recruiting, and team building events.

An Ambassador is not required to be a Sponsored Player, as we sometimes promote Player Reps that have shown a talent for growing the game and our brand.

Sponsored Players

A sponsored player is our most sought after position on our team as it comes with nice benefits that include team gear, polos, t-shirts, and a hoodie or sweatshirt. The sponsored player may also purchase team gear at near cost.

We provide them an opportunity to earn free entries into events by placing well in tournaments or by other means of being involved, such as social media– taking pictures, talking to people, and posting about their experiences. A sponsored player might assist tournament directors in filling their brackets by reaching out to their network of friends or take time to train and mentor our teammates.

We do not require a teammate to wear our gear when competing in non-paid events by TTMD Billiard Streaming, however, the more exposure brought to our brand in a positive way the more likely the player is to be rewarded with paid entries in the future.

Sponsored players may also earn additional entitlements such as expense reimbursement.

If the player achieves a 1st place win in any approved major tournament they will be offered an opportunity to create their own custom team shirt.

Player Reps

This is the entry-level of our team. To be selected– a candidate will need to complete an online application, answering questions that will allow us to get to know them better.

The candidate’s applications will be reviewed by our team to determine if there is a “good fit”, not all applicants can be accepted.

If an applicant is accepted they will be asked to start representing in local tournaments, league, etc. We require representatives to purchase a team polo to wear in certain events such as the Maryland State Tournaments and the DMVAT. Each player representative will receive a complimentary entry into a minor event of their choice. ($40 or less)

Player Reps are required to attend team building events and training workshops.

When we are accepting additional teammates, we will make announcements and open the application process.


A VIP (Very, Important, Player) that has purchased our gear and is regularly recognized at tournaments, could be fast-tracked to a Player Rep opportunity.

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