TeamTTMD at Winchester Action Billiards

Congratulations to (SP) Jr Hepner, placing 2nd and (SP) Tiffany Lear, 5/6th.

Thank you to Winchester Action Billiards and (SP) Derek Crothers for a fantastic 9 Ball tournament.

This past weekend TeamTTMD members, (SP) Kelly Daniel, (SP) Wayne Everhart, (SP) Tiffany Lear, and (SP) Jr Hepner and (VIP) Hector Pantoja were together competing in a Derek Crothers’ “6 and under” handicapped 9 Ball tournament.

The quotes around the “6 and under”, is because this is not what you may think. Derek uses his own rating system based on known ability and has a scale of up to 12. Many APA Skill level 9s would be equivalent to Derek’s skill level 6s.

The tournament was played on Brunswick Gold Crown tables that played true and were in good condition.

Kelly Daniel and I had a great time meeting new friends and competing in a new venue. The hospitality and friendliness that everyone showed was appreciated and made us feel welcomed. She and I hope to do better our next time out.

Jr Hepner took home second place and looked pretty comfortable at the table all day. Jr is a strong player and has been working hard on his game. There is no doubt he will be at the top of the podium in many events this year. Jr often offers to help out and has been a great spokesperson for TTMD Billiards Streaming in the Front Royal/Winchester area. We appreciate everything he does for the team and the sport.

(SP) Jr Hepner 2nd Place Finish, Winchester Action Billiards 6 and Under Tournament

Our Junior Tiffany Lear is playing some really solid pool finishing 5/6th. When she and I crossed paths on the B side– she played flawlessly running out when given a chance and making shots that would give a seasoned player pause. When watching her matches this weekend, her safety play was stellar; often locking opponents between a ball and the cushion, with little to no option for a return safe or even a legal hit. Tiffany is a delight to be around — off the table, she is getting excellent grades, with COVID home/remote schooling, which is not an easy task. We are proud of Tiffany and how she represents herself, the sport, and TeamTTMD. Congratulations on a strong showing.

Here are a few photos from Winchester Action Billiards.