TeamTTMD Weekly Recap

TeamTTMD was well represented in Chris Wilburn’s DMVAT Event #6 at Center Pocket in Bowie, MD.

We are proud of our players for stepping into the box for this non-handicapped tournament. Thank you, Lenny Vally, Michael Bumpass, and Nick Spriggs.

Nick Spriggs – Grinds Through B Side to Split the DMVAT.

Justin Mast, Nick Spriggs, Pampi Pamplona

TTMD Sponsored Player Nick Spriggs was on a mission!

Nick Lost his first match to Harshit Kedia four games to seven before going on a blistering eight-match win streak, beating some intense competition. First on his list was our very own Lenny Valley, then on to David Sund, David Zecena, Shawn Jackson, and Rick Miller.

Not finished yet, TTMD Player Michael Bumpass was next to meet up with “The Kid,” who gave no quarter, taking the win, six games to three. Followed by wins over Jim Davis and Justin Mast.

Ultimately, both players, Nick and Pampi Pamplona, decided to split the cash.

B& L – Father’s Day Open Handicapped Fargo 9 Ball

Brian Kilgore and Lai Li were busy hosting their Father’s Day Open at Center Pocket.

We had several TeamTTMD players giving it their all. Thank you to Jon Mundock, Karen Mundock, Steve Johnson, and Lucas Kilgore.

Congratulations TTMD Junior Lucas Kilgore, who left it all on the table with five straight wins, downing teammate Steve Johnson along the way, taking home fifth/sixth place.

Lucas Kilgore

Talking with Jon Mundock, he is feeling good about how he played and is looking forward to the next tournament.

Friday Night 9-Ball Tournament at Brews and Cues

Congratulations to TTMD Junior Joshua Mohammed on his 5th/6th finish.

Joshua continues to improve his game, competing against the list of strong players that can be found any Friday night at Brews.

We are extremely proud of our team for all they do to represent the sport.

TeamTTMD @ The Green Turtle

This post is a bit overdue in that the tournament was held on 4/25/2021

TeamTTMD was well represented with a contingent of players, shooting in the 550 and under Fargo, 9 Ball Tournament at The Green Turtle in the Harford Mall, Harford County, MD.

It was nice to see players from all over the area coming together and supporting local tournament director Brian Kilgore. The Green Turtle has been stepping up and working hard to improve the tournament. The players were treated to new Dynasphere balls this time around.

Thank you to our teammates (SP) Mary Watkins, (SP) Nick Spriggs, (SP) Wayne Everhart, (SP) Kelly Daniel, (PR) Michelle Brigerman, (PR) Kan-Kan, and (PR) Kimberly Smith-Martin for taking the trip. Watching the team, cheering one another on was a great feeling.

Thank you Kelly Daniel and Kimberly Smith-Martin for the photos.

The event, for our team, was highlighted by an excellent run by Michelle Brigerman and Nick Spriggs.

For Michelle, this was a very special day in that this was the highest she has placed in a non-APA singles event. We are very proud of Michelle for branching out into singles tournament play. She had a great showing besting some solid shooters placing tied for 9th.

(PR) Michelle Brigerman

Nick Spriggs was shooting some absolute stellar pool, jumping and kicking to get out more than once. Nick said he just ran out of gas, finishing in 3rd. We are looking forward to watching Nick’s game mature. The sky is the limit for this young talent.

(SP) Nick “The Kid” Spriggs

Don’t be shy in reaching out to Brian Kilgore for the next “Turtle Tournament”.

(PR) Michelle Brigerman, Brian Kilgore, Lai Li