Edward Arciniega Joins TeamTTMD

Please welcome our first west coast sponsored player, Edward Arciniega. Eddie hails from San Deigo, CA, and is involved with almost every Big Money Billiards event.

His hard work and determination have been paying off, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to join him on his journey.

TTMD Billiards Streaming was in Las Vegas, during the APA 2019 singles finals in which we had the opportunity to share the experience with his family and friends. Eddie played some stellar pool and took home first prize in the Gray Tier.

Edward Arciniega, Gray Tier Champion 2019

Edward recently achieved the skill level of 7 in 8 Ball for the APA and we are certain that this is just the beginning of a promising future.

Big Money Billiards and TTMD Billiards Streaming Sponsored Player, Edward Arciniega

We will be sending Eddie some fresh TTMD Billiards Streaming Gear– keep an eye out for that.

Eddie and his team at Big Money Billiards have been working hard on their tournament streaming. Stay tuned for streams from our west coast partners.

Thank you Eddie for all you do to help grow the sport, always representing with class and determination. #TeamTTMD

(PR) Robbie Wood; 5 Person Team – 3rd Place Finish

Congratulations to Robbie Wood and his teammates, Roger Collins, Tanner Castle, Joe Phillips, Erin Dettrey, on their strong finish in a tough 2-day event.

The tournament was held at The Bank Shot Bar and Grill, located in Laurel, MD, and featured some very solid teams.

We are proud of Robbie and his commitment to representing with hard work, determination, and class. Currently, he is representing TTMD Billiards Streaming, Big Money Billiards, and Bull Carbon.

Shout out to (VIP) Brandon Stidham, (VIP) Mildred Sawyerr, and (VIP) Rachel Rea as well as their entire team for their efforts.

Although they came up a bit short, they clearly had a great time.

Congratulations to all the teams that organized to compete at The Bank Shot Bar and Grill this past weekend!

Earl Strickland; TTMD Billiards Streaming 10-Ball Open Championship

We are thrilled to announce that Big Money Billiards, a proud sponsor of TTMD Billiards Streaming, will be well represented by Earl “The Pearl” Strickland.

Bernadine Diaz of BMB– thank you for your encouragement, love, and support.

Earl Strickland; 6 Time World Champion – 5 Time US Open Champion

Thank you, Earl, for all you have done and continue to do to promote and grow the sport we love. Your passion is undeniable.

It is an honor to have such a distinguished list of players coming together to compete in our inaugural 10-Ball Open Championship.

Please bookmark our website and follow us on Facebook for our event and streaming schedules.

Check out Earl’s website for lessons and more.