Earl Strickland; TTMD Billiards Streaming 10-Ball Open Championship

We are thrilled to announce that Big Money Billiards, a proud sponsor of TTMD Billiards Streaming, will be well represented by Earl “The Pearl” Strickland.

Bernadine Diaz of BMB– thank you for your encouragement, love, and support.

Earl Strickland; 6 Time World Champion – 5 Time US Open Champion

Thank you, Earl, for all you have done and continue to do to promote and grow the sport we love. Your passion is undeniable.

It is an honor to have such a distinguished list of players coming together to compete in our inaugural 10-Ball Open Championship.

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Check out Earl’s website for lessons and more.

Sponsor Spotlight – Big Money Billiards

We would like to thank Bernadine Diaz of BIG MONEY Billiards , a San Diego based, Billiards Tournament promoter.

Bernadine Diaz and her VIPs

Bernadine and her son Daniel have been pushing hard during COVID to grow her Billiards Apparel business and they have been an avid supporter of our streaming service.

Bernadine recently committed to sponsoring the TTMD Billiards Streaming 10 Ball tournament and has often sponsored other events to include the 2020 US Amateurs Regional Preliminaries held at Revolutions Sports Bar and Grill, Herndon VA.

We are planning to head out to San Diego to cover one of her events as soon as we are past the COVID restrictions.

Bernadine not only supports billiards but is also a retired educator of 38 years that goes above and beyond to help out her community. In fact, the community painted a Big Money Billiards mural as a thank you for all her hard work.

Last evening we were at Choice Pool League at Top Hat Sports Bar and I decided to represent, and sport a BMB polo.

Bernadine thank you for all you do for the pool community and your town. Things are looking up for pool with people like you promoting the sport.

Much love and respect to you from our team at TTMD Billiards Streaming.