TTMD Billiards Streaming, Earl Strickland and Diana Hoppe

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to thank Earl Strickland and Diana Hoppe for their encouragement and support.

Today we are announcing that TTMD Billiards Streaming, Earl Strickland, and Diana Hoppe will be collaborating on several projects in the near future.

Diana Hoppe is a renowned photographer with a wealth of knowledge in cue sports.

For over 15 years, she has traveled and covered the pool world while doing freelance work for almost all the major billiard publications such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN 2, and Billiards Digest, just to name a few.  She has worked on various high-profile events, including The Mosconi Cup, Derby City Classic, and the US Open.  When she isn’t busy with photography, she serves on the board of and is on the Hall of Fame Committee for the Billiards Congress of America. 

Earl and Diana are tireless advocates for pool and we are thrilled for the opportunity to help them promote and grow the sport we love.

Check out and for more information.

Earl Strickland; TTMD Billiards Streaming 10-Ball Open Championship

We are thrilled to announce that Big Money Billiards, a proud sponsor of TTMD Billiards Streaming, will be well represented by Earl “The Pearl” Strickland.

Bernadine Diaz of BMB– thank you for your encouragement, love, and support.

Earl Strickland; 6 Time World Champion – 5 Time US Open Champion

Thank you, Earl, for all you have done and continue to do to promote and grow the sport we love. Your passion is undeniable.

It is an honor to have such a distinguished list of players coming together to compete in our inaugural 10-Ball Open Championship.

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Check out Earl’s website for lessons and more.