TTMD – 3rd Anniversary, 3-Person 8-Ball Championship – Results

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to thank all who attended and made the event possible. A special thank you to The New Green Room Billiards and their staff.

We want to send shout-outs to many people; another post will follow. In the meantime, we wanted to share the results.

Top Finishers

Congratulations to the following teams for placing in the cash this past weekend.

1st Place

Team Gunkle

2nd Place

Team Johnson

3rd Place

Team Long

4th Place

Team Loller

5-6th Place

Team Schanberger

5-6th Place

Team Phillips

Sponsor Spotlight; The New Green Room Tournaments By Alishia Hixson

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to thank The New Green Room Tournaments and Alishia Hixson for all they do for the pool community. They are sponsors of our TTMD Billiards Streaming 10-Ball Open Championship 2021 and we are very thankful for their support.

Alishia and her staff have been doing a fabulous job organizing events to fit many types of play including scotch doubles, 3 person team events, and more. Often there will be a mix of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and or Fastrack 8-Ball.

The tournaments are well run, and the facility offers 20+ tables to allow for large-scale events with big payouts. The tables are well maintained as The New Green Room Billiards is the home of all the Maryland APA Tournaments and the road to Vegas. Players can enjoy a full bar and excellent pub-style food.

There are thankless hours that go into preparing for and hosting a tournament, that most are not aware of. It isn’t just keeping track of paid entrees or coming up with a fresh event to attract new players that can weigh on a tournament director. Often players evolve over time and their game changes, as a result so do their skill rankings. No matter if it is APA, TAP, FargoRate, or any other ranking system, there are always people that will try to manipulate and take advantage. As with any gathering of competitive athletes, there are interpersonal issues between players, sometimes passions run high and emotions run over. The tournament directors are on the frontlines, trying to maintain a fair event, keeping an eye out for “sandbaggers” and maintaining order, while also keeping things fun and upbeat. The New Green Room Tournament staff, lead by Alishia Hixson, do a fabulous job.

TTMD Billiards Streaming is planning several events with TNGR Tournaments and Alishia for our 2022 schedule.

Without the support of The New Green Room Billiards, TNGR Tournaments, and Alishia Hixson, along with many others, we could not put on an event of this caliber.

Sponsor Spotlight; Charlie’s Pro Shop

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to thank Charlie’s Pro Shop for sponsoring the TTMD Billiards Streaming 10-Ball Open Championship.

Charlie and Brenda Fleming, owners of Charlie’s Pro Shop, have been a pillar of the pool community offering their services within the New Green Room Billiards in Dundalk, MD for over 15 years. Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Brenda are genuine folks that enjoy and appreciate their customers.

If you are thinking about buying a new cue, or case, there is a wide selection to chose from. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer your questions.

Contact Charlie’s Pro Shop at (410) 288-6990 to ask about their selection of cues, low deflection shafts, cases, and more.

Sponsor Spotlight; The New Green Room Billiards, Dundalk MD.

Home of the Maryland APA

We would like to thank The New Green Room Billiards, for sponsoring our upcoming TTMD Billiards Streaming 10 Ball Open Championship at On Cue Sports Bar and Grill, in Front Royal, VA.

The New Green Room Billiards has been at its current location for over 15 years and features some of the best league play in the area.

The Maryland APA has been hosting regional and world qualifier events at this location since the opening. Often you will hear players around Maryland make mention of how their team qualified to shoot at “The Green Room”, to share their excitement– and to note they are moving on to compete somewhere special.

The New Green Room Billiards has become synonymous with “a chance to go to Vegas“.

Featuring 24 Valley Bar-box tables that are well maintianed, as these are the tables used for the “big” APA events.

The kitchen offers pub-style food ranging from pizzas, subs, and wraps to salads and soups, perfect for a quick league night meal or a bite between tournament matches.

Looking to get your drink on? The New Green Room Billiards has a fully stocked bar with a variety of cold beer on tap. Stop in on Mondays for the beer bucket specials!!

Shoot some pool, play some keno, enjoy a good time with friends.

Join the Maryland APA – Have Fun. Meet People. Play Pool.®

The New Green Room Billiards is a great way to enjoy pool and meet new friends. Check out the league nights listed and plan your team for the next session.


APA Ladies

Get your lady’s team together and compete with other ladies. If you are looking for a team, contact The New Green Room Billiards on their Facebook page and mention you are interested in getting involved in the APA Ladies league. This a great way to have a girl’s night out and get involved with pool. For some ladies, this may be a more comfortable way of starting in league play.

APA 9-ball

Have some free time on your Sunday evening? This could be for you! Come on out and make new friends and compete in the APA 9 Ball League. Contact The New Green Room Billiards for help finding a team.


APA Youth League

Do you want to get your child involved in pool and not sure how to do it? The APA Youth League is a great way to introduce your child to the sport. The New Green Room Billiards provides a fantastic youth league for the children in the area. Ask about how to get your child involved here.

APA Mixed Format

Do you like Scotch Doubles or are you looking to stay active on an 8 Ball and 9 Ball roster? The APA Mixed format may be for you. Check out The New Green Room Billiards Facebook page and ask about the APA Mixed Format.


APA 8 and 9 Ball

Tuesday Night features a mix of 8 Ball and 9 Ball and offers a way to blow off some steam.


APA 8 and 9 Ball

Alright, you made it Wednesday, and your ready to relax a bit and cut loose with your friends for a few hours and shoot some pool. Get your 8 Ball or 9 Ball team together and enjoy a mid-week break! Get involved here and make some new friends at The New Green Room Billiards.


It’s a full house on Thursday nights–


If you are looking to step up your level of play, Thursday night offers APA Masters League; which is unhandicapped and features a mix of 8 Ball and 9 Ball. It also, allows the push shot in 9 Ball, as well as the use of jump cues. This is a great way to compete against and learn from some of the top APA players in the area.

APA 9 Ball

Thursday also offers 9 Ball. Teams are filling fast so get your teams in quickly. If you are looking to find a team send a message to The New Green Room Billiards on their Facebook page.

Are you looking for Tournaments?

The New Green Room Billiards has you covered. Check out The Queens of the Greens events page for upcoming tournaments.

Weekly tournaments can be attended Monday (Tournament Director: Nicole Howard) and Friday (Tournament Director: Janet Stipler) evenings. Check here for details.

Home of Charlie’s Pro Shop

Charlie’s Pro Shop has been there since the beginning. You can get your cue repaired on the spot- new tip installed or shaft cleaned. Mr. Charlie has a full selection of cues such as Predator and Pechauer as well as an array of apparel and accessories.

If there is something you are looking for, Charlie’s Pro Shop can help you find it.

Thank you from TTMD Billiards Streaming

Thank you to Christine Wareheim Ricko and Chantelle Ricko Wildberger for all you do to support the players and the sport we love.

To the bartenders, Roquel, Alishia, Nicole, Chrissy, and Danielle; the barbacks Keith, Dan, BJ, John, Jason, Alphonso, and Alec; and the kitchen Sam, Sarah, Connie, Rachel, Emily, and Jasmine; thank you for all you do in making the league nights and tournament weekends at The New Green Room Billiards a success.

Third Place Finish for Kelly Daniel and Vinnie Biondo Sr.

Scotch Doubles Tournament; The New Green Room Billiards hosted by Alishia Hixson

Congratulations to (SP) Kelly Daniel and (VIP) Vinnie Biondo Sr., for battling it out all day after being sent to the B side in their second match.

(VIP) Vince Biondo Sr, (SP) Kelly Daniel

Over the past few days, we have been hearing more of the event and some of the shot-making that took place. From many accounts, there were some wow moments.

For Kelly and Vince, this was their first time as partners, but have often faced off against one another in tournaments.

Kelly admits it was a long day and says it was hard to stay focused and be positive, but they both found a way to pick each other up when they were down. An all-important ingredient for any successful scotch doubles team. (Read more about her experience on her Facebook page)

We are extremely proud of both players for their tenacity and for representing with class.

This is the third week that Kelly has made a strong run and each time a little closer to the top. We are extremely proud of her determination and the hard work she is putting in to improve her game.

TeamTTMD was well represented by (SP) Leroy Taylor, (PR) Kim Smith-Martin, (SP) Mary Watkins, (PR) Michelle Brigerman, (VIP) John Loller, and (VIP) Zach Nantz. Thank you to all of our teammates and VIPS that competed and supported one another even though they may have had to battle against each other.

Here are a few photos from the event courtesy of Kelly Daniel.

Thank you to Alishia Hixson and The New Green Room Billiards for a well ran event.