Welcome Lindsey Gyulai

TTMD Billiards Streaming would like to welcome Lindsey to TeamTTMD.

Lindsey is passionate about the sport and can be found competing in leagues 4 times a week. We are looking forward to following her in the Billiard Beauty tour and have little doubt she will be making a run for the title.

About Lindsey

My name is Lindsey Gyulai (July) like the month.

I live in Whitehall, PA, and was born and raised in Nazareth, PA.

I’ve been shooting pool since I was 12 and started playing competitively in 2017 when I got out of the military.

A skill level 6 in both 8 and 9, I shoot APA 8/9 ball out of Sharky’s billiard and lounge in Palmerton, PA, for the MCAPA’s Doc Holtzman. I also shoot TAP out of West Catty in Whitehall, PA, where I am a skill level 5.

-Lindsey Gyulai

Some of my achievements

  • 2020- Vegas for Ladies APA 8 ball 2021
  • MVP for APA 8 ball SL 6-Winner 2022
  • MVP for APA 8 ball SL 6 TAP titleholder competitor several times
  • Several 9-12th place finishes in higher level tournaments.
  • Nick Lorah and I recently came in 2nd place in a Jack and Jill Doubles event.