(VIP) Brandon Stidham

We wanted to talk with one of our Very Important Pool Players and ask them how they got started in the sport and share their story with our friends and followers

Brandon said, “I started playing pool as a kid”. As with many pool players, he was introduced early to the sport. Many of us likely remember rolling the balls on the table as a kid and for many, that was the beginning.

He started league play in 2017 when he moved to the area from Atlanta, GA. Wayne Mason, his nephew talked him into joining his team. Brandon says “I have been playing in leagues and tournaments ever since”. His favorite game is 8 ball as he describes “it is more strategic and challenging, similar to a chess game”. He loves to play all formats of pool and indicated “I am really wanting to get more involved in 1 pocket as it seems very challenging for any player”.

Photos Courtesy of Josh Parks Photography

We love to watch our friends branching out and taking on challenges and learning additional disciplines of cue sports.

Keep up the great work and thank you for showing your support.

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