The DMVAT Event #4 by Chris Wilburn

TTMD Billiards Streaming was onsite at The New Green Room Billiards in Dundalk, MD for the DMVAT Event#4.

We would like to thank Chris Wilburn and The New Green Room Billiards for having us out to live stream this event.

This was we the first time the DMVAT has visited the New Green Room Billiards and we are hoping for many more.

TeamTTMD was well represented as we had our sponsored players and representatives, Tiffany Lear, Derek Crothers, Jr Hepner, Mary Watkins, Wayne Everhart, and Kan Kan, competing in the popular Delaware, Maryland, Virginia Amateur Tour.

It was a busy day for our staff as we were shifting between competing and covering the live stream, we typically try to avoid competing and streaming, however this is the home poolroom for a number of our players and we wanted to be a part of the event and represent TTMD Billiards Streaming.

Congratulations to Logan Harrington on his 1st place finish.

Logan Harrington takes first place at the DMVAT Event #4 at The New Green Room Billiards, Dundalk, MD.

We would like to congratulate our teammates on a strong showing.

  • JR Hepner (4th)
  • Derek Crothers (5th)
  • Tiffany Lear (9th-12th)
  • Wayne Everhart (9th-12th)

Thank you to Player Representative Kan Kan for stepping in the box for her first DMVAT. She has shown lots of courage over the last several months taking on higher-level tournaments like the DMVAT and the JPNEWT. We are extremely proud of her, this is what our player development program is all about.

(PR) Kan Kan

Here is the live streams for the day, it is split into two segments do to an internet hiccup.

Some scoring and player name updates were a bit behind because we were also competing in this event.

DMVAT Event #4 – Part 1

DMVAT Event #4 – Part 2

All past live streams can be viewed here.

We took some photos of the event for your enjoyment.

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