Thank you VIPs!

We wanted to say thank you to the VIPs (Very Important Pool players) that have been out there supporting our team, wearing our gear.

All proceeds that are generated via our online store are reinvested into our player development program.

This past weekend (VIP) Dee Dee, was representing wearing a team hoodie.

She was kind enough to post a photo of her representing at league, which we love!

Thank you Dee-Dee!

(VIP) Lenny Valley, who I met at an APA event we were covering, has been an avid follower of our streams. He recently purchased a hoodie from our online shop.

Lenny sent us a photo when he was out competing and representing. This guy can play!

Thank you Lenny!

Post a photo on Facebook, wearing our gear, to be featured in our blog as well as being entered into a drawing to win a limited TTMD Billiards Streaming competition polo.

Shout out to our newest VIPs

  • Vince Biondo Sr
  • Vinnie Biondo
  • Nicky Biondo
  • Donna Biondo
  • Bernadine Diaz
  • Lenny Valley
  • Zach Nantz
  • Wayne Mason
  • Gregory Mitchell
  • Dotti Prietz
  • Fred Prietz
  • Nathaniel Royster
  • Dee-Dee Pool
  • John Loller
  • Josh Dickey
  • Kristen Mohr
  • Robin Ford

Thank you everyone for your love and support.

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