Sponsor Spotlight; Lambros Cues

Lambros Cues – Sponsor of the TTMD Billiards Streaming 10-Ball Open Championship

We are very thankful for Lambros Cues, as they have been a sponsor of TTMD Billiards Streaming since our first broadcast. Mike Lambros makes arguably the best hitting cue available and we are proud to be associated with such a respected cue maker.

For those looking for a low defection playing experience, Lambros Cues now offers an ultra-low deflection shaft. This wooden LD shaft when coupled with the Lambros Ultimate Joint Technology makes for the lowest deflection playing cue available.

If you are in the market for a jumper, look no further than the Lambros Jump Cue. Wayne Everhart says “It is the best jump cue available.”

The Lambros Break Cue is a game-changer, with effortless delivery of power, you will experience unmatched control of the cue ball while more reliably pocketing balls on the break.

Check out LambrosCues.com and their Facebook page for details.