Please welcome Player Rep, Vincent Tolson

This player announcement is a bit different in that I typically write the blog from the perspective of our team. Today I will be writing from my perspective.

It is an honor to announce that Vince Tolson has joined our team. Vince has been a motivational constant and friend over the past 3 years and has often been someone that had a way of pushing me a bit further, never letting me quit and always reminding me, that “Brother, you are going to do great things, don’t stop now– I’ll kick your a**. We are in this together”.

What Vince is referring to, we made a commitment, after a particularly rough couple of days– I’d keep promoting cue sports and live streaming and he’d keep learning the craft of pool cue making, no matter how tough things got, and never let each other quit.

(PR) Vincent Tolson

We definitely are in this together and I am blessed to have you as a friend.

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