Please welcome Player Rep Casey Holmes

We (TTMD Billiards Streaming) had a chance to catch up with Larry Steele during the Punky King of Hagerstown Tournament and we discussed some up-and-coming players he had taken under his wing. Larry a respected ambassador of the sport in the Hagerstown area has been training players out of his basement.

Casey Holmes, Larry Steele, Mariah Heuer

One of the talents from Larry’s Cellar Crew is Casey Holmes

Casey, born and raised in Hagerstown, MD. has been shooting pool since 10 years of age.

You can catch up with Casey at Starlite Inn among other places for APA League– as he is currently shooting several nights a week.

We at TTMD Billiards Streaming look forward to watching Casey’s development on and off the table, as a player representative and a member of our player development program.

Shoot Well Casey!

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