Chris Martin and Dylan Kammer – Take First Prize – The New Green Room Billiards

Tournament pool is on the rise in the tri-state area and the New Green Room Billiards Friday Night Tournament has been gaining popularity amongst the players.

TTMD Sponsored player Christopher Marin was looking for a partner for a Friday night event and Dylan Kammer stepped up to compete.

Chris and Dylan took home the cheese on their first effort as partners in a fast rack 8-ball event.

Kelly Daniel and I have partnered with Dylan on several occasions, although coming up short of the cash, had a fun time. It is clear to us Dylan loves the sport.

Chris Martin a staple of the Green Room Tournaments these days, is a calm quiet guy and a student of the game. We are proud to have Chris as part of our team and as a mentor for our player development efforts.

Congratulations to both of you on your first place win.

Thank you to The New Green Room for all you do to grow the sport.

#TeamTTMD #PoolFamily.

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