Busy weekend for Team TTMD.

I wanted to take a minute to share my appreciation to our representatives that were out competing this weekend.

There was the US Amateur Preliminaries, DMVAT, Brix 3 person event, Lallos Scotch Doubles.

Often at the end of a tournament weekend, I think how blessed and how very appreciative I am to the folks that believe in what we are doing and are out there competing, wearing our logo with pride, and representing with class and determination.

US Amateur Preliminaries

Kelly Daniel and KTwo Yu took a trip to Summit Lanes, Pocono Summit, PA, for the US Amateur preliminaries. These ladies are students of the game and are out there competing and supporting one another. They played their hearts out and although not making it to Florida this effort, we will surely see them again, competing, giving their all– supporting each other and the #poolfamily.

Ladies, your love for the sport is clear for everyone to see.

Thank you for representing.


At the DMVAT we had Tiffany Lear, Jr Hepner, Derek Crothers and Mary Watkins, and myself competing at Breakers Sky Lounge in Herndon VA.

I’d like to start off and say how incredibly impressed I am with Mary Watkins and her tenacity on the table, and flat out ability to put it on you if you make a mistake. Mary is qualified to go to Florida for the US Amateurs this year and is starting out 2021 on the DMV Amateur tour with a strong showing. She finished just out of the cash 7/8 in a strong field, besting me along the way.

Tiffany Lear our constant fountain of youth and a reminder of why we are out here grinding and promoting the sport. The energy she brings to the team and in fact to the pool rooms she visits– is undeniable. There are lots of great things on the horizon for this young lady. We had a chance to laugh and watch our teammates compete and cheer them on. It was a good day.

Jr Hepner had a solid showing– at one point was down heavily in his match going on to make a fabulous kick bank, to run out– he never looked back winning the match, with a lot of heart, finishing 5th/6th. Jr is a new member of our team and has already shown tremendous initiative and a willingness to grow the sport in a positive way. Thank you for everything you have done already to help our team succeeded in our upcoming endeavors.

I’d like to congratulate Derek Crothers on his first win of a DMVAT event starting 2021, with an exclamation point.

Derek was a beast on the table, just outclassing the field with an undefeated run. This is one of the quietest most unassuming fellows you will ever meet. Does not talk much, and lets his game speak for himself, I think he and Chris Martin would be fast friends. I look forward to spending many more tournaments with you, Jr Hepner, and Chris Funk.

Thank you Christopher Wilburn for running a smooth and expeditious event. Looking forward to the next one.

(I was a bad sponsor and took no photos)

Brix 3 Person

Shout out to sponsored player Chris Martin and his teammates, Greg Mitchell and Dan Dorett for coming in second place in the Brix 3 person tournament.

Congratulations gentlemen on your run.

Lallos Scotch Doubles

Player representative Sarah Ivins was out competing in a Scotch Doubles event in Fredrick with her partner Christian Diaz. She and Christian came up a bit short in the hotseat match but split in the finals. A very strong performance from Sarah and Christian indeed.

I’d also like to take a minute to give a shout out to (VIP) Wayne Mason, for representing and wearing his gear.

Congratulations on a strong finish and a great weekend.

Thank you, to all our friends and #poolfamily.

-Wayne V Everhart Jr (Owner THINKTECHMD)

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