Busy Weekend for Team TTMD

Thank you to all of our teammates for competing and doing what you do to support the sport.

There were several of our teammates competing for a trip to Vegas.

Congratulations to TTMD Players, David Mason, Sarah Ivins, Rachel Rea, and Dotti Prietz. It is no small feat to make it Vegas; well done.

Also a special shout out to Lenny Valley for volunteering as a referee, which can be a thankless job. When the teams were celebrating in the TTMD chat, Lenny said “I am thankful I could witness it”. Thank you Lenny for being you!

This weekend also featured the Hanna Choi Memorial held at First Break Sports Bar.

The pool players came together to put on a tribute event, with the help of Fedor Gorst, Cuetec, and many others.

Congratulations, Dylan Spohr, on his 5/8 place finish, in a very strong field packed with pros.

When listening to the commentators this weekend, it was awesome to hear them talk about Dylan. Knowing this is the first time they have met him, and how Dylan lets his game do most of his talking, It was a treat to hear them say, “listen, if you want to make some money, take this kid Dylan Spohr on the road.” I’m sure many of us from our tournament area that was listening, couldn’t help but swell with a little pride. TeamTTMD was pulling for him– as so many of his friends and family.

Teammates Brian Kilgore, and Lai Li were instrumental in making the event a success.

Thank you to Brian and Lai for the long hours grinding and for your dedication to the sport.

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