Nicole Nester goes undefeated in the Maryland State 9-Ball Women’s Championship!!!

The tournament was hosted by On the Hill Productions, Tournament Director, Loye Bolyard, Beverlee Dillow and Streaming by Dave Nangle. Saturday’s event brought in 32 ladies from around the DMV area, as well as some newcomers from New York and New Jersey. One impressive young lady even flew in from California! This was a Fargo handicapped tournament.

Nicole Nester went undefeated and captured the title “Women’s Maryland State 9-ball Champion” Her composure and confidence at the table were an inspiration.  

  • (R1) Win vs D. Stickler, 6-2
  • (R2) Win vs J. Wilson, 6-3
  • (R3) Win vs J. Prescop, 6-2
  • (R4) Win vs. K. Daniel, 6-1
  • (HS) Win vs. Eugenia Gyftopoulos, 6-1
  • (Final) Win vs. T. Malm, 6-0

Special Thank you to Brews and Cues on the Blvd, and their amazing Staff. Especially our favorites, Tina Castillo-Morfessis, Gigi Morfessis, and Gabe.