Shelah Joner Joins Team TTMD

Please join us in giving Shelah a warm TTMD welcome!

We are ecstatic that she has joined the team as she will no doubt be a stellar ambassador for the sport.

Shelah started playing pool in a local pool hall with her best friend around 1990, while she was in high school. She admittedly did not know about the pool world until 2007 when her neighbor asked about a friend of hers, and if he would play on the pool team he was putting together.

She wanted to play but they said, guys only.

“Long story short, he said I could play since he needed another player and that is where I met my husband (since he was on the team) and I started playing in the APA.”

When we asked about some of her goals and achievements in the sport she listed the following.

  • 2014 APA City Tournament 9-Ball Team – 2nd Place
  • 2019 APA Ladies 8-Ball Team World Pool Championships – 33rd out of 250
  • 2019 Fall Session APA of SJ 9-Ball Division Champs
  • 2020 JPNEWT Stop #10 – 7th Place
  • 2021 Jack and Jill Scotch Doubles 9-Ball Tournament – Tied for 1st Place (11/27/21)
  • 2021 Made top 10 for JPNEWT in total standing points
  • Got sponsorship from The Corner Pocket of Delran

Practices and shoots out of The Corner Pocket of Delran, Delran, NJ.

Shelah puts in the time to advance her skills and can often be found practicing and competing out of The Corner Pocket of Delran. She currently has a busy schedule competing in the APA and the JPNEWT.

I know she was thrilled to be sponsored by The Corner Pocket and we at TTMD Billiards Streaming are happy to call her a member of our team.

Congratulations Shelah!